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From Busy to Balanced

Welcome to our new blog for The Mindful Apothecary: From Busy to Balanced!


Busyness isn't something we just get from our diaries in our over-scheduled societies. Busyness is what happens in our minds too, the constant thinking and over thinking, the planning, the ruminating. And I over think too. All. The. Time. In fact I made a job out of it and during my twenties I trained as a psychologist. 


My journey in starting The Mindful Apothecary was all about balance. It came about during the pandemic when I was desperate to have some of own space and regain a bit of sanity. I started with learning about medicinal herbs, then went on to create natural healing balms and aromatic solid perfumes. Doing something practical with my hands allowed me to get out of my head and get into the flow of slow made, natural products. From there it's been a journey around pure essential oils and soy wax for our non-toxic candles, and I'm loving every minute of it. 


I'm still on a journey to live more slowly, more mindfully and with more intention. And it's not easy by any means. But this blog is about my commitment to that journey, bringing balance to a busy, often chaotic family life, through self-care guidance, living naturally, slowing down and becoming more sustainable and recipes to support this way of living as well. 


Really looking forward to have you join me on this journey as well, 


Sarah xx


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